Radipole Wood - Birds

On 14 March 2004 we put up eight nestboxes kindly made and donated by John Jefferies. Then Mr B Edwards of Southill telephoned after reading about the wood in the Echo, to say he would also like to donate some of his nestboxes.

new nestbox

Ideally we should have thought about nestboxes a little earlier in the year, but from the early signs it does look as though some of them are being used.

Signs of use

Note the marks made around the entrance. This does not prove that the box is being lived in, but it does demonstrate that it has been of interest at least.

Of course, the birds can manage quite well on their own. Here is a picture of a nest at the northern end of the wood.


We will keep an eye on it and perhaps find out what bird, if any, is using it.

On 1 May 2004 we found one of our nest boxes had been removed by person or persons unknown. It had been attached to the old oak at the north end of the wood, and had been in use at the time. Placing the nest box there had been a calculated risk, on the one hand it would be in position designed to appeal to birds, on the other it would also be a tempting target for other wildlife, including young humans.