Steve Coombes

Cathy Owen

Neil Cross

Dawn Lee

Val Ovens

Lyn Cooch





Draft Management Plan


Steve had made some notes on the draft management plan. Lyn was able to provide answers and suggestions to various queries as follows:



Where is the Radipole SSSI?


        This is made up of the RSPB Reserve and Radipole School Local Nature Reserve. Lyn would provide a map outlining the sites.



The meadow area is very small - would we need a path through it?


        Lyn suggested a small mown path through the middle for people to be able to stroll among the taller grasses. This did not need to be major or permanent.



What was the best way to provide access for wheelchair and pushchairs without encouraging cyclists? Would key access to the gates be required?


        Neil suggested the possibility of a boardwalk for some of the paths but Lyn suggested the surface was probably ok as it is although she would also find out about alternative surfaces.

        The need was to respond to any enquiries from the public.

        It was agreed by all that wider gate access for wheelchairs was desirable.

        Cyclists using the paths was currently not a problem and it was felt unlikely that it would become one. However, Lyn advised that should it happen, it was possible to have a bylaw passed to prevent cyclists using the paths if the site becomes an LNR.



What about promotional material?


        Small leaflet could be provided for local schools showing access. A supply of these leaflets could also be kept at the new Lorton Meadows Centre when set up.




How could the site be developed for educational purposes?


        DCC was currently looking at working with schools and ideas on how to do this could be found on the National Curriculum website.

        In the past, an after school club had been held on the site once a term, if anyone was keen to run this it might be resurrected.

        Sam, from the Dorset Wildlife Trust, could be approached to find out if the Weymouth Watch Group might also be interested in using the site.



Who was responsible for Health and Safety inspections?


        DCC is responsible and Julian will undertake this.



Funding - how much work is involved in keeping accounts and would they need to be audited?


        No accounts would be required unless we set up as a local charity. It was agreed we should stay as a local friends group.

        Funding for tools, etc would be useful and Lyn advised that DCC might be able to provide grants of up to 500. However, it was possible that B&Q would provide tools for free. Steve to write and enquire and follow up letter with visit to store.

        Other potential sources of grants were: BTCV Peoples' Places; The Groundwork Trust's Living Spaces - and Awards for All (500-5,000), telephone 0845 600 2040 - .

        Training in the safe use of tools would be in everybody's best interest. Julian should be asked to provide this.

        Lyn would check DCC liability and whether a qualified First Aider was required at working parties.



What needed to be included in the Annual Work Plan?


        Relevant work items and appropriate timings to be listed.

        Very simple drawing to be provided showing areas to be worked, glades, paths, possible positions for bat and bird boxes, etc. Lyn would attempt to export plan from Planweb to Steve.

        Neil was already working with Julian and Steve on the objectives and description.

        It would be good to include the views of all the Friends of Radipole Community Wood as to the works required and the working day should provide an opportunity for this.

        Lyn said once this was in place then the site could be put forward for consideration as an LNR to the next DCC Committee.







Working Day on 14 December


Small laminated posters had already been put up. Neil would provide some slightly larger versions. The posters put up and the leaflets distributed for the previous working day had not attracted any additional volunteers.


The main objectives for the day were agreed:


        to provide a gate to the Mount Pleasant entrance.

        to repair the boundary fence along Radipole Lane where several posts had come free.

        to look at siting bird and bat boxes.

        to canvass the views of the other Friends as to what future work was required.



Possible suggestions so far for future working days were:


        possibility of laying the hedge along the old boundary, however, there are several mature trees in this and therefore this might not be desirable. It was agreed to look closer at this on Sunday

        a low hedge with a few specimen trees could replace the current post and wire fence along Radipole Lane.