Committee meeting


“Friends of Radipole Community Wood”


Sunday 29th September at 2.30pm



Present – Neil Cross, Cathy Owen and Steve Coombes.

Apologies – Dawn Lee, Val Ovens



The job of secretary was offered to Dawn who had expressed an interest. Discussed the tasks – taking minutes, organising items for newsletters and handling information. Administration.


Steve was appointed chair/coordinator. His jobs are overseeing work; handling online/web content; and treasurer as the need arises.


Publicity and work party organiser – allocated to Neil


Editorial and Design is for Cathy who works on the website material and poster layouts, as well as producing our logo.


Assistant to publicity officer Neil will be offered to Val to provide cover for Neil who works away periodically.


It was suggested that posts may be rotated and that flexibility should be maintained to cover absences etc.

DCC – Julian and Danny to print posters and newsletters.


Name – we seem to prefer ‘Radipole Community Wood’ to reflect the local involvement. Neil or Val could contact Weymouth Civic Soc. to ask them what they think of this.


Meetings in the future

Organising a weekend (Saturday) for practical work in the woods with the help of DCC or DWT to give training. A work party with a social event to follow? In 3 weeks time, giving 2 weeks notice by poster.



Maintain existing wood for local users

Improve wood as a habitat for wildlife

Improve wood as a green space for local people, i.e. add seats

Educate people with help of DCC rangers, i.e. offer talks

Consult local people in making decisions

Consult Weymouth Civic Society


Neil to pass on information regarding other groups and organisations he has been in contact with, so we can share information with them. We need to be a part of a bigger network. We can even provide a workforce if needed!


Neil to contact Danny re training day, new entrance, benches, notice board and fence posts.


Dog Poo issues

Dog Poo bin – can we make one that isn’t ugly? Cathy to contact WBPC to find out what having a bin involves.


LNR designation

Steve to find out time scales and criteria so we can make sure we fulfil them as we go along.


Final thought - Tree nursery!

Is it possible to use any of our site as a tree nursery?